John RC Potter

John RC Potter is an author and international educator

When in high school John had the opportunity to interview the Nobel Prize winning author, Alice Munro, who resided in his hometown. It inspired John to begin creative writing, and was the subject of his story, “In Search of Alice Munro” (Bosphorus Review of Books, 2022).

His poems and stories have been published (or are slated for publication) in: The Montreal Review, Blank Spaces, The Write Launch, Plentitude Magazine, Strangers and Karma Journal, Suspended Magazine, Wayward Literature, The Stray Branch, The Pike Review, The Expressionist Literary Magazine, Juste Literary Journal, The Seraphic Review, Memoirist, Fragmented Voices, Dark Winter Literary Magazine, Literary Yard, The Hooghly Review, The Serulian Journal, Yellow Mama, Bristol Noir, Freedom Fiction, The Stygian Lepus Magazine, Creatopia, Bosphorus Review of Books, Fireworks Story Magazine, Fiction on the Web, The Globe Review, Down in the Dirt, Riddlebird, The National Library of Poetry & Jabberwocky.

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John RC Potter is an international educator from Canada, living in Istanbul. He has experienced a revolution (Indonesia), air strikes (Israel), earthquakes (Turkey), boredom (UAE), and blinding snow blizzards (Canada), the last being the subject of his story, “Snowbound in the House of God” (Memoirist). His poems, stories, essays, and reviews have been published in a range of magazines and journals, most recently in Blank Spaces, (“In Search of Alice Munro”), Literary Yard (“She Got What She Deserved”), Freedom Fiction (“The Mystery of the Dead-as-a-Doornail Author”), The Serulian (“The Memory Box”), The Montreal Review (“Letter from Istanbul”) & Erato Magazine (“A Day in May 1965”). His story, “Ruth’s World” (Fiction on the Web) was nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. His first full-length publication will be the gay-themed children’s picture book, The First Adventures of Walli and Magoo, to be published in 2024.

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